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Graduate Spotlight: An Interview with Matthew Gideon

By Tristan Low on October, 24 2019
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Written By: Tristan Low
On October, 24 2019  -  7 MINUTE READ

Your experiences define who you are, and that is particularly true for Matthew Gideon, a self-taught designer who developed a lifelong skill. He learned how to make beautiful menswear by incorporating dazzling prints & patterns into them.

With a background in Engineering, it is a wonder why Matthew Gideon decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry— an industry that is seemingly competitive and has tons of budding entrepreneurs looking to breakthrough.

What inspired Matthew Gideon and why did he go through an arduous process of going back to school to learn all over again?

We explore deep into the brains of Matthew Gideon and how he took the leap of faith.

DEBONEIRE men's fashion bespoke tailoring with exquisite fabric.

DEBONEIRE is the brainchild of Matthew Gideon

A picture of Matthew Gideon, founder of DEBONEIRE

Here's what Matthew Gideon shared with us!

Is an entrepreneurship life for you?

Absolutely. I have never planned for it to be so, but on hindsight I adapted to it almost like a duck to water.

"I simply cannot imagine myself living my life any other way."
How would you describe your current lifestyle as an entrepreneur?

Every day is different and presents itself a new opportunity & challenge.⁣⁣ The great part about that is I have some degree of control over every decision-making process.

What is your definition of success as an entrepreneur?

"Entrepreneurship" as the world knows it, has been sensationalised by the media. I don't necessarily see it as sexy as it's portrayed. It is simply my way of life.

"Before I had any work experience, nobody would hire me."

As a teenager, I once applied to work on the retail floor and did not get the job. So I came to the conclusion that I should hire myself. I went on to acquire the skills to do just that, and have never looked back.

DEBONEIRE men's fashion bespoke tailoring with exquisite fabric.

What is the most difficult step you had to take as an entrepreneur?

For me, it was dealing with people and learning to communicate with them. Whether it's my teammates, stakeholders, suppliers, or clients. Everyone has their own style of communication. Initially, I found myself running into a lot of conflicts with people, then I learned that I had to adapt my communication style to each of them.

What are some brutal truths about being an entrepreneur?

It requires an incredible amount of discipline, and it comes with a great deal of responsibilities! Everything falls back to you.

- Fundraising
- PR
- Managing your team
- Payroll
- Administrative work
- Networking
- and many more...

The list never ends! When things go wrong - and they will - there is no boss or colleague to blame.

"You just have to find a solution for every situation that arises."
DEBONEIRE men's fashion bespoke tailoring with exquisite fabric.
What advice would you give to your younger self in this moment of uncertainty?

- Keep calm & carry on

- Take nothing personally

- Learn to accept & live with differences

- Breathe

"This too shall pass. It always seems impossible until it's done."
What are some routines you swear by?

I start my day with a good cup of coffee, then I take my time for personal grooming. When I look good, I feel good, then I am ready to conquer the day.

What are some good self-improvement tactics?

I read and subscribe to YouTube Channels of motivational speakers. Simon Sinek & Valuetainment by Patrick Bet-David are some of my personal favorites. Also, eat & stay healthy!

Entrepreneurship is all about finding a solution to an existing problem. With Matthew Gideon, he found a problem in fashion and simply solved it. Thus, he ignited his passion to pursue a career in men's formal wear by using his inspiration to artfully weave the classical and the contemporary together

Matthew Gideon started DEBONEIRE upon graduating from's WSQ Diploma in Merchandising & Marketing, which has now upgraded to's Diploma in Fashion Business.

Here are some exciting modules from the Fashion Business Diploma:
  1. Introduction to Textiles
  2. Fashion Brand Creation and Management
  3. Fashion Retail Merchandise Buying
  4. Global Sourcing for Textiles and Apparel
  5. Material and Apparel Costing
  6. E-Fashion Business
  7. Social Media Marketing

In our ever-moving digitalised world, the E-Fashion Business & Social Media Marketing modules will keep you updated with the relevant digital skills. The Fashion Brand Creation and Management & Global Sourcing for Textiles and Apparel modules will help you develop industry knowledge on launching your own fashion label. These modules are especially important for budding entrepreneurs or aspiring fashion designers who want to develop a business and career in the competitive world of Fashion.

Unsure on which Diploma to take?

Difference between Apparel Design & Development and Fashion Business

Learn More!


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