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Staying Relevant in Fashion: Upcoming Trends in 2021
By Shanna Kaur on January 12, 2021

2020 was no doubt a memorable year for us all. Despite all the chaos of the year and disruptions to our daily lives, fashion continued to captivate us, with different trends gaining...

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How Fashion Business Owners Can Adapt During COVID-19
By Shanna Kaur on December 28, 2020

This year has been chaotic and turbulent for us all, and as the year finally draws to a close, we, as a nation, prepare to open up further in Phase 3 that will commence on December 28th...

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Top 5 Skills You Need To Be A Fashion Designer
By Shanna Kaur on December 9, 2020

Whether we pay attention to it or not, Fashion is a huge part of our everyday lives. Be it for functionality, or self-expression, it is magic to see a sketch become fabric draped across...

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6 Key Elements of a Successful E-Commerce Store
By Shanna Kaur on November 7, 2020

Shopping as we know it has changed. With retail giants like Robinsons closing their physical stores, it is clear that the shift to the online sphere has reached our very own...

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Breast Cancer Awareness: What It’s All About, and How to Show Support
By Shanna Kaur on October 20, 2020

For many, 2020 has pulled the rug out from under us, forcing us to adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible to new norms like Work-From-Home arrangements, always worrying about...

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Taking the Leap: 4 Things To Consider Before Starting the Place and Train Programme
By Shanna Kaur on June 26, 2020

Picture this: You start a new role, work full time, and take classes for free. It almost sounds too good to be true.

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