Breast Cancer Awareness: What It’s All About, and How to Show Support

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October 20, 2020
For many, 2020 has pulled the rug out from under us, forcing us to adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible to new norms like Work-From-Home arrangements, always worrying about whether we’re wearing a mask, and redefining social gatherings. Even as the pandemic grips the focus of healthcare systems around the world, we continue to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. In this article, find out more about the great work of the Breast Cancer Foundation this Pinktober, and how you can support the cause by shopping with partner brands like The Label SG


Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in Singaporean women - 1 in 13 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. The high incidence of breast cancer in Singaporean women means that you probably know someone who has, or will, be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Statistic for Pinktober x The Label Blogpost
Information source from Singapore Cancer Society 2020

There are many risk factors associated with breast cancer, the most notable being age and family history. Though young women may also be affected by breast cancer, most women diagnosed with the condition are over 40 years old. Additionally, women with a family history of breast cancer are twice as likely to be diagnosed in their lifetime. So ladies, regardless of age, it’s time to get educated about your family history! 

With breast cancer, early detection is key. Early stages of breast cancer often have no symptoms, which is why monthly breast checks and timely mammograms are important. 

This helpful graphic teaches you how you can conduct your own breast examination! When breast cancer is detected early, treatment is easier and the chance of recovery can be as high as 90%. 

how to conduct breast examination


Detection of breast cancer is only half the battle - as a community, there’s more that we can do to show support for breast cancer patients and survivors in our lives.  As a community, what can we do to show support for breast cancer patients and survivors? 

This means educating ourselves and our loved ones on breast health, donating to breast cancer research and survivor support, and being a conscious consumer of brands that are committed to support the breast cancer community.

1. Wear the Pink Ribbon!

Every October, the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore organises a variety of events and partners with various brands through their Wear The Pink Ribbon Campaign (WTPR) to raise funds and awareness about breast cancer, and to support breast cancer patients and survivors. 

pink ribbons from different vendors
Some of the Pink Ribbon Pins from Pink Ribbon Singapore

With a minimum donation of $5, you can get a Pink Ribbon Pin from various participating outlets between 1st and 31st October 2020. Don this pink pin as a subtle yet meaningful way of showing support for the community. 

2. Support Partner Brands Of the Breast Cancer Foundation

 Beyond this, you can show support by making thoughtful consumer decisions such as patronising brands that are working with the Breast Cancer Foundation this Pinktober. The Breast Cancer foundation is a non-profit organisation that seeks to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. Besides Pinktober, they regularly conduct activities to raise awareness of breast cancer and provide support to survivors and their families. All of these initiatives are fully supported by donations, so every dollar counts! 

Wondering what brands you should support this Pinktober?  Look no further than’s very own online platform, The Label SG!  

This month, The Label SG designers have come together to release The Pink Ribbon Collection. From 1 - 31 October 2020, 20% of sales from this collection will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation. With The Label SG, you can show your support for both local designers and the breast cancer community. 

gwen by gioiellisg on labelsg

the vera by MAESO on label sg
The Vera by MAESO

From stylish masks to keep you safe, to handcrafted vegetable tanned leather shoes, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. 

3. Get involved with the Breast Cancer Foundation!

In this day and age, social media is a powerful tool in spreading awareness to friends and family. With just the click of a button, you can share vital information about breast cancer with loved ones. You can connect with the Breast Cancer Foundation on Instagram @bcfsg or on Facebook to educate yourself on breast cancer awareness and support, and share this information with loved ones. 

 Beyond the digital sphere, you can volunteer with the Breast Cancer Foundation, and help out with various events that they organise, both during and beyond Pinktober! You can visit their website to find out more about becoming a member or volunteering with the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

4. Be kind!

Just as we learn to be kinder in the midst of these chaotic times, one of the simplest ways to show support for the cause is to have a kind and empathetic heart. Whether you belong to the community of breast cancer patients or survivors, supporting a loved one with breast cancer, or you’re simply a concerned Singaporean, kindness goes a long way in showing support for this cause. By working together to raise awareness about breast cancer, we get a little closer to the goal of eradicating breast cancer as life-threatening disease.

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