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February 9, 2019
Train & Place Programme is a government initiative to help prospective students gain working experience and attain training allowance totalling S$5,000 while studying a fashion diploma at TaF.tc.

The objectives of the Train and Place ( Internship) are as follows:

Comprise of 3 components:

  1. First 3 to 4.5 months, the candidate will attend and complete their fashion diploma programme (exact duration depends on which diploma you are taking). As long as the candidate meets the graduation requirements for each module, the candidate will receive a training allowance of S$1,000 per month starting from the 3rd week of the 2nd month. For the 3rd stipend, the candidate will only receive them 3 weeks after the course ends. Training Allowance receivable during the course of study: SGD 3,000
  2. Next, two months of internship. The candidate will have to work two months in an internship company that TaF.tc has allocated. This is subject to the acceptance by the participating internship company either through face to face interview or resume review. The candidates will be paid a training allowance of S$1,000 per month for up to 2 months. Training Allowance receivable across 2 months: SGD 2,000
  3. The last five months, the candidate is required to search for a job and work full-time in the fashion industry for at least 5 months.

Eligibility Criteria:

How to register?

To register for this programme, interested candidates have to first enrol into any one of our full-time fashion diploma below:

  1. Diploma in Apparel Design and Product Development (up to 4.5 months but usually delivered within less than 4 months, please refer to the schedules)
  2. Diploma in Fashion Business (up to 4 months but usually delivered in about 3.5 month, please refer to the schedules)
  3. Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development (up to 4-months but it is usually delivered within 3 months, please refer to the schedules)

Candidates will only have to pay an application fee of S$192.60 for their initial enrolment and submit a copy of their resume to our programme advisors in-charge.

In the event, if the candidate is selected for the Train and Place programme, our programme advisors will contact them before the start of their fashion diploma.

A candidate will only be successfully selected if we are able to get a fashion company to accept our candidates for the 2-month internship.

Get in touch with the relevant Programme Advisors!

For Diploma in Apparel Design or Fashion Business, schedule a 15-minute call with Meng Qian at +65 8668 1050 or here.

For Diploma in Footwear Design, schedule a 15-minute call with Gabriel at +65 8488 7213 or here.


1) Will I be guaranteed a Train and Place position if I registered early?

There are three criteria that we judge upon:

  1. Limited placements (quotas) per diploma intake.
  2. Candidate's resume.
  3. Candidate's aptitude towards internship
  4. Candidate's interest to work in the textile and fashion industry.

We can never guarantee any placement until we have received confirmation from our working partners that they have accepted our candidates.

The earlier we received your application, the quicker we can do outreach to our partners. Thus increasing your probability. We do recommend that you submit your resume at least 3 months before the diploma commencement date.

2) What is the catch of this programme?

Candidate’s obligations

  1. Graduate from the Diploma Course
  2. Complete a 2-month internship
  3. Work full-time in the fashion industry for at least 5-months after the internship.
  4. Sign a contractual agreement with TaF.tc for taking up the internship program.

3) What happens if I break the contract?

Candidate will have to refund the full course subsidy (70% by SSG or any additional), as well as refund the S$5,000 training allowance given to them and all expenses incurred.

4) I’m applying for the Part-time Diploma, can I still qualify for this programme?

Unfortunately, this programme is only available for the full-time intakes.

5) What is our graduation requirement?

Meet at least 75% of training attendance and attain a ‘Competent’ grade for their assessment per module.

6) What if I am not accepted by any participating company? Can I ask for a refund of the application fee for the diploma?

The application fee is non-refundable. However you can still proceed with the diploma program even without the internship.

7) What if I did not pass my assessment for 1 of the module in the diploma program? Will that affect my training allowance stipends? 

For every module that a candidate do not get a "competent" grade for their assessment, they will receive S$250 less on their training allowance stipend. Until the candidate is being re-assessed as competent, they will be reimbursed SGD 250. Students will be required to pay a re-assessment fee of SGD 128.40 to either take the assessment again or re-sit for the entire module. The respective trainer will advice the student on the next course of action.

8) Can I defer my studies while doing the Train and Place program?

Candidates are not allowed to defer on their studies

Get in touch with the relevant Programme Advisors!

If you like to check out our fashion diploma site, you can look up here.

"If you are not familiar with our approach here at TaF.tc, our goal is to help prospective students make informed decisions about fashion in general and provide them with as many learning resources as possible to review first before taking the leap."
Matthew Ong

Matthew Ong is the Chief Revenue Officer at TaF.tc. He is responsible for all activities that generate revenue. As a CRO, he coordinates with marketing, sales and the customer success team to ensure that our prospects and students gain the most value and outcomes out of their time at TaF.tc. He is a proud leader of 4 great sales reps; Gabriel William, Wilson Yen, Zhang Meng Qian, Vanessa Seah, and is obsessed with people and self-development. During his free time, he enjoys going for runs and solving problems on a rock wall.

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