Which Sewing Pathway Should I Take?

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June 18, 2022
Looking to start your own sewing journey but not sure where to begin? You are at the right place! Read on to find out about the different pathways you could embark on for a stitching fun time.

Your Starting Point

With just about everything, we need to get our basics down. For that reason, most of our sewing and alteration journeys begin with the Basic Drafting & Sewing (BDS) course. 

At BDS, you will learn the fundamentals of drafting and sewing. This includes, but is not limited to sewing, fabric cutting and drafting pattern blocks. You will also be creating your very own A-line skirt and sleeveless blouse!

An A-line skirt & sleeveless blouse!
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So, what’s next? Plan your journey according to your desired outcome, and start by…

Selecting Your Interest

1. Sewing Interest
2. Alteration Interest 


You chose the sewing pathway! It’s time to decide on your end goal, so we can guide you through the fundamental courses you need to take. 

  1. I just want the essentials
  2. Jacket-Making
  3. Bespoke Men’s Tailoring
  4. Cheongsam
  5. Streetwear

The Essentials

If you're someone who's just starting out and wants to dip your toes into the world of sewing, the "Sewing Fundamentals" bundle is a good place to start! This bundle includes the Basic Drafting & Sewing, Intermediate Drafting & Sewing, and Dress Making:

1. Sewing Fundamentals: IDS

If you've chosen the essentials, jacket-making or men's tailoring, your likely next step would be taking on Intermediate Drafting & Sewing (IDS). 

Long-sleeved shirt & long pants!

At IDS, study human forms, pattern-making and more. Your industrial skills, knowledge and garment construction will be furthered. With this knowledge, you will be making your very own collared tops and basic pants!

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With this course, you can continue on to: 

  1. Sewing Fundamentals: Dress Making
  2. Jacket Making
  3. Men’s Tailoring 

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2. Sewing Fundamentals: Dress Making 

If you've chosen the essentials or cheongsam, you are here to get your groundwork down for sewing and the next course of action that will get you there is dressmaking. 

A princess-cut dress!

At dressmaking, you will pick up a plethora of skills and techniques ranging from adapting basic block patterns to making fitting adjustments for dresses. Ultimately, you will be sewing yourself a princess cut dress!

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With this course, you can continue on to:
1. Cheongsam

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Sewing Speciality Courses

1. Jacket Making

With jacket making, learn the art of soft tailoring with techniques used by the industry. Be equipped with skills and knowledge to create your own jacket, from developing patterns to pressing your sewn jackets into shape.

Our students with the jackets they just made! Lots of fun prints~

Pre-requisite Courses:

  1. Basic Drafting & Sewing
  2. Intermediate Drafting & Sewing
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2. Bespoke: Men’s Tailoring

If the art of bespoke tailoring is something that interests you, I can guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy the precision and rigour of our Men’s Tailoring series. 

Our blend of bespoke men’s tailoring includes drafting and sewing the following:

… all in accordance with industry standard soft tailoring and garment construction techniques.

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Pre-requisite Courses:

  1. Basic Drafting & Sewing
  2. Intermediate Drafting & Sewing

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3. Cheongsam

Take your dressmaking up a notch with making a cheongsam!

The cheongsam is a beautiful piece of garment that flatters a woman’s shape, and celebrates tradition and culture. Pick up how to adjust paper patterns and fit it to your body’s silhouette to flatter your shape! You can even add details such as side slits and a mandarin collar for a little personal touch. 

Pre-requisite Courses:
1. Dress-making

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4. Streetwear

If you’re all about the cool and trendy lifestyle, I’m excited to introduce our new streetwear series!

Unlike the courses above, the Streetwear pathway does not require you to take Basic Drafting and Sewing. Instead, Apparel Production will be your starting course!

Apparel Production will cover the basics of drafting, sewing and patterns to threading using the industrial sewing machine.The difference between this and Basic Drafting & Sewing is that Apparel Production teaches you to make clothing according to the industry standard size!  

With our Streetwear Series, you can learn to make a Hoodie and Track Pants with the proper pattern development and garment construction methodology! 

Register for Apparel Production here.
Register for Sew Hoodie here.
Register for Sew Track Pants here.

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You decided to go down the alteration pathway! You got your needlecraft foundation down, what’s next? 

Click on your goal, and we will guide you to the alteration bundle curated for you:

  1. I just want the essentials
  2. I want to learn everything to start a business

1. Get Your Basics: Altering Essentials

Similar to how you got your basics down with drafting and sewing, you need to do so for alterations too.

You will start with the Fit Evaluation & Pinning for Alteration (FPA) course, which will teach you how to conduct evaluation and pinning on garments. When pinning is done correctly, it can serve as an important visual indication on where and how alteration is needed.

Another essential course is the Basic Alteration Techniques (BAT) course, which will teach you how to conduct simple alteration methods onto different fabrics. The fun part is - you can kill two birds with one stone by bringing your own clothes to alter them!

Complete the bundle with Fabric Care. Understand more about the characteristics of different fabrics and how to care for them, before you even alter them. 

Read more about Isabel’s hands-on Fabric Care experience here

Register for Fit Evaluation & Pinning here.
Register for Basic Alteration Techniques here.
Register for Fabric Care here.

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2. Be Your Own Boss: Alteraround

If earning a side income with your passion in the comfort of your own home is something that you are interested in, Alteraround is a comprehensive programme that you can consider. Think of the AlterAround service as a Grab service for Alteration!

With Alteraround, go through a series of 8 courses and become a knowledgeable seamstress with hands-on experience. AlterAround includes all the courses on this page:

  1. Basic Drafting & Sewing
  2. Intermediate Drafting & Sewing
  3. Dress Making
  4. Fit Evaluation & Pinning for Alteration
  5. Basic Alteration Techniques
  6. Fabric Care

… and 2 other courses: Intermediate Alteration (IAT) and Advanced Alteration (AAT) to further your alteration skills to an expert level.

In Intermediate Alteration (IAT), perform alterations to more complicated fabrics and garment types as compared to the basic course. Similarly, in Advanced Alteration (AAT), you will expand your portfolio to more complex apparels such as gowns. 

Altering gowns in Advanced Alteration Techniques!

Before you start thinking the Alteraround programme is an easy access to some extra cash, do take note that you will have to go through a thorough assessment and onboarding before you can join our AlterAround programme! We want only the most committed and passionate individuals on board, so that we can provide our customers with the best experience possible!

Register for the Alteraround programme here.

Read more about Alteraround on Business Times. 

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Still Have Questions? 

We hope that this article has helped you clarify which pathway you can take to reach your sewing goals! If you’re ready to start your sewing journey, or still have some doubts, feel free to WhatsApp our friendly customer service team at +65 8875 6778 (https://wa.me/6588756778) and ask for our programme advisors to find out more!  

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