THE LABEL SG: 7 Brands to Look Out For

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August 9, 2020
Have you checked out our THE LABEL SG platform yet? It is our brand new e-commerce online platform where you can find the curated fashion collections of talented's alumni and fashion designers based in Singapore! Our second launch today (9 August 2020), features 7 successful alumni and our expert trainer, Teck, who have conceptualised their unique fashion labels to fill a gap in the fashion industry. 

Here are the 8 brands to look out for this launch:


1. Traditionally-Made Bags with a Modern Flair: MYUR 


MYURÂ, is founded by our beloved trainer, Ho Kuan Teck, an award-winning designer and craftsman who has been clinched 7 international awards for his handbags. Learn Teck's leather-crafting secrets by taking one of our bag-making courses!

myura product, lemniscate
Lemniscate: a design to reflect one’s modern and luxurious lifestyle in a simple and direct manner of "Balance
Photo: MYURÂ

MYUR prides itself on producing 100% hand-crafted leather goods in Singapore. To MYURÂ, leather is more than just a material, it is a form of "elegant linguistic artistry that stimulates all senses". By maximising the beauty of leather into unique and unconventional designs, MYUR is committed to modernising leather handicraft and bringing out an individual's unique sense of style. 


Learn more about MYURÂ


2. Cheongsams as a Staple Piece: Qiqing 


Qiqing, founded by Josephine Ho, was birthed from her own experience of wearing a restrictive and body-wrapping cheongsam. Qiqing aims to reinterpret the cheongsam in a modern fashion, while keeping the cheongsam's traditional oriental elegance.

qiqing product
Photo: Qiqing

By combining the needs of the strong modern woman with the traditional silhouette of the cheongsam, Qiqing creates the idea of the "Everyday Cheongsam" that can be worn confidently with poise and grace, no matter where and when.

Shop Qiqing

Learn more about Josephine Ho

3. For the Plus-Size Asian Woman: The Amber Loft 

the amber loft

Being a petite plus-size woman herself, Sophia Hung realised that there was a gap in the market for plus-size clothing tailored to the Asian woman's body structure. With this thought in mind, The Amber Loft was founded to offer beautiful, functional and flattering clothes to petite plus-size women. 

Being a petite plus-size woman herself, Sophia Hung realised that there was a gap in the market for plus-size clothing tailored to the Asian woman's body structure. With this thought in mind, The Amber Loft was founded to offer beautiful, functional and flattering clothes to petite plus-size women. 
Flight of Fancy Shift Dress in Pistachio Photo: The Amber Loft

If you are a petite plus-size girl yourself, express yourself confidently with The Amber Loft's trendy and flattering cuts! The best part is, these are designed to suit Singapore's tropical climate. So, say bye to feeling stuffy and humid! 

Shop The Amber Loft

Learn more about The Amber Loft

4. Sustainable Athleisure for the Environmentally-Conscious: YOF Athletica 

yof athletica

YOF Athletica, founded by Chearly Long, is an athleisure brand that prides itself on its sustainable practices. Its yoga activewear and accessories are made mainly from eco-friendly or natural fibres, and recycled plastic PET bottles. As compared to usual practices in the fashion industry, YOF Athletica's recycling practices save on approximately 50% of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions!

Photo: YOF Athletica

With YOF Athletica's activewear that is designed to be friendly to both our skin and the environment, you can now truly be one with nature no matter where you go.

Shop YOF Athletica


5. Comfortable Heels for Wider Feet: Oleah 


Donning a pair of high heels always gave a confidence boost to founder, Clara Han, but finding a pair that looks good AND feels good was difficult. Troubled by this, Clara founded Oleah to design heels that can support and provide comfort to the modern woman who has to juggle multiple roles throughout the day.

oleah product
The Scarlett Pumps
Photo: Oleah

If you are someone with a wider set of feet, Oleah's designs are perfect for you! With extra-thick plush memory foam and a wider toe box, you will no longer have to suffer from blisters. The outer layer of the shoe is also made with fine grade leather, making it breathable and suitable for long wearing hours.

Shop Oleah

Learn more about Clara Han

Learn more about Oleah

6. Customised Shoes that are Uniquely Yours: Le Cuore

le cuore

No longer feel the pain of wearing ill-fitted shoes! As a sufferer of genetic bunion, founder Elsa Tan had difficulty finding the ideal pair of shoes for her feet. Driven by her desire to help other individuals with similar feet problems, she created Le Cuore, where individuals can can get themselves a pair of customised shoes designed to fit their feet perfectly. 

le cuore product
A pair of customised men's shoes
Photo: Le Cuore

At Le Cuore, you are in control: choose the shoe style, leather, accessories and type of heels that you want. With close guidance along every step of the customisation process, you can now have the best of both worlds - your very own special design and a customised cushioned fit.

Shop Le Cuore

7. Thoughtfully designed with Italian Craftsmanship: MAESO


MAESO prides itself on offering the revered artisanal craftsmanship of Italian shoemakers. Partnering with top family-owned artisan factories in Italy, MAESO brings forth quality handmade and handcrafted Italian shoes into the Singapore footwear market. 

maeso product
Photo: MAESO

The best part is, MAESO uses vegetable tanning to tan its leather, an organic and environmentally friendly approach that makes the leather recyclable! With exceptional artisanal skills and use of quality raw materials, you can expect your pair of MAESO shoes to last you a lifetime!


I hope this little introduction to all these amazing brands has helped you in finding one that you identify with! Don't forget to check them all out today at THE LABEL SG!


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