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August 8, 2020
When we first envisioned THE LABEL SG, we thought about the many local creatives building a name for themselves in the Singapore market. But we thought - what if we brought all of them together, and not just to form a group, but, to build a Singaporean Fashion community?

These were the budding thoughts that inspired's brand new e-commerce platform. More than just a hub for local designers to come together, THE LABEL SG is a community defining what it means to be a Singaporean label together.

6 weeks into the making of THE LABEL SG, we have already managed to rope in profits of SGD 100,000! Now, the site is set to officially launch on 9 August 2020, the day we celebrate Singapore's nation-wide achievements. Visit on National Day to commemorate and support our many homegrown Fashion talents!

And if you're interested to hop on for the ride yourself, here's what you'll be in for-


THE LABEL SG | Oleah's Shoe | The Scarlett

As's Diploma Graduate, you will get the opportunity to promote and sell your products on our platform.

Deboneire by Matthew Gideon, Alumni of Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (, Diploma in Fashion Business

Worried about paying exorbitant website subscription fees, or just don't have the bandwidth to set up your own sponsored ads? We've got you covered -  if you're part of THE LABEL SG family, we'll feature your products on our social media posts, stories, blog articles, and paid ads at a reduced price.

transactional arrangements for THE LABEL SG

Unlike other subscription-based e-commerce platforms where you may face challenges standing out amongst the clutter, you will pay only a stripe transaction fee of roughly 3.9% and an early bird commission of 5% at THE LABEL SG for every product you sell, to get your own featured page and premium marketing services.

THE LABEL SG is also looking to integrate shipping functions with providers such as lalamove or Qexpress to further enhance customer experience!


Although it has only been 2 months since our first launch, we've already been featured in several press releases by notable broadcasting channels such as The Straits Times, Channel News Asia and Lian He Wan Bao. 

Veteran fashion designers create trendy face masks to launch platform to help fashion industry

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, THE LABEL SG collaborated with Singapore's Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), and local veteran designers - Ann Teoh of AT.TITUDE, Esther Tay of R2W, and Sylvia Lim of Triologie - to launch handmade and intricately designed masks for charity. With our PR and marketing efforts, we successfully made and donated over $10,000 to BCF. This collaboration has been featured on the Straits Times' COVID-19 Special Feature, for helping local fashion businesses stay afloat in the wake of COVID-19.

The collaboration was also featured on Channel News Asia's Facebook page, applauding Esther Tay for reinventing her fashion business, overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, and giving back to the community during these difficult times. 

Both and THE LABEL SG were also featured in Singapore's Top Women's Magazine, Her World, as avenues to purchase fashionable and reusable masks during the COVID-19 pandemic!

You may learn more about the campaign at @thelabelsg:

And if you'd like your own reusable mask - we're still selling them onsite! Hop over to to shop for yours today.


With our services, you can now manage your label from the comfort of your own home! You will only need to follow the simple steps below, and everything else will be taken care by us: 

With our services, you can now manage your label from the comfort of your own home! You will only need to follow the simple steps below

It doesn't end there! There are plans for the site to evolve in late 2020: we are in the works to set up features for THE LABEL SG community to promote or sign up for industry events and workshops, discover new professional opportunities, and connect with like-minded creatives in forums. Stay tuned!

And we hope to see you on our site this National Day!


Follow us on our Instagram page, @thelabelsg, to stay updated on our latest product launches. Look out for notifications on our upcoming features such as the forum, events page and career opportunities!

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