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Breast Cancer Awareness: What It’s All About, and How to Show Support
By Shanna Kaur on October 20, 2020

For many, 2020 has pulled the rug out from under us, forcing us to adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible to new norms like Work-From-Home arrangements, always worrying about...

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Graduate Spotlight THE LABEL SG

THE LABEL SG: 8 Brands to Look Out For
By May Thwe Min on August 9, 2020

Have you checked out our THE LABEL SG platform yet? It is our brand new e-commerce online platform where you can find the curated fashion collections of talented's alumni and...

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Fashion News Fashion Lifestyle THE LABEL SG

THE LABEL SG: Digitalising the Singapore Fashion Scene
By May Thwe Min on August 8, 2020

When we first envisioned THE LABEL SG, we thought about the many local creatives building a name for themselves in the Singapore market. But we thought - what if we brought all of them...

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Apparel Diploma FAQs Student Guide

Taking the Leap: 4 Things To Consider Before Starting the Place and Train Programme
By Shanna Kaur on June 26, 2020

Picture this: You start a new role, work full time, and take classes for free. It almost sounds too good to be true.

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Student Guide FAQ

Where To Find Affordable Sewing Needs During Covid-19
By May Thwe Min on June 23, 2020

With the closure of many fabric and haberdashery stores during the COVID-19 season, it can get difficult to find and obtain your regular sewing needs. In hopes of helping everyone, I...

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Student Guide FAQ's Home-Based Learning: Everything You Need To Know
By May Thwe Min on June 5, 2020 is going online! As part of the national drive to limit potential transmission, and keep our seniors safe, we have decided to implement virtual classrooms over the next couple of...

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Student Life

#hacks: Productivity Tips for Creatives Learning and Working from Home
By Isabel Perucho on May 15, 2020

Picture this: you’re starting a new day working and/or learning from home. You’ve got a nugget of inspiration and you’re ready to turn it into a reality. But in the background, there’s...

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Digital Marketing

Become a better Digital Marketer during COVID-19
By Andre The on May 11, 2020

How would you like to have a unique 3-tiered marketing strategy that is easy to optimise, and can provide you with the relevant leads you need for your business? There are many types of...

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Student Guide

My Top 3 Online Learning Go-Tos During the Circuit Breaker
By Brandon Lim on May 11, 2020

It’s already been a month since we started the Circuit Breaker (CB). I have to say that it’s been quite productive for me so far - I’ve packed my room, cleared old items that I no longer...

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Industry Works Fashion News FAQ

Absentee Payroll and everything you need to know about it
By Matthew Ong on May 9, 2020

Absentee Payroll (AP) funding is a grant to help employers defray the manpower costs incurred when they send their employees for certifiable skills training.

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