Textile and Fashion Industry
Training Centre (TaF.tc)

Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (TaF.tc)

Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (TaF.tc) is the training arm of the Textile & Fashion Federation (Taff). It’s also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming a global fashion school without boundaries.

We offer specially designed courses and programmes to prepare our students for a creative career in the highly competitive fashion industry, and to help industry professionals develop and specialise.

Our local and global fashion collaborations means we can offer unrivalled, continuously updated services, enabling TaF.tc to stay in line with leading national and international fashion industry standards.

Meet TaF.tc's Blogging Team!

Andre The

A Digitalization Architecture and Digital Marketing professional who has been spending the past 3 years focusing on digital marketing platforms and automation processes. Currently, I am with TaF.tc in charge of both the Marketing and Tech departments where I have spearheaded multiple digitization and automation projects.My passion for technology and innovation has allowed me to be responsible for TaF.tcs’ Technology and Digital Marketing needs. I am also a mentor to students who have gone ahead to get jobs in the Digital Marketing industry!

Matthew Ong

Matthew Ong is the Chief Revenue Officer at TaF.tc. He is responsible for all activities that generate revenue. As a CRO, he coordinates with marketing, sales and the customer success team to ensure that our prospects and students gain the most value and outcomes out of their time at TaF.tc. He is a proud leader of 4 great sales reps; Gabriel William, Wilson Yen, Zhang Meng Qian, Vanessa Seah, and is obsessed with people and self-development. During his free time, he enjoys going for runs and solving problems on a rock wall.

Anisha Charan

Hello, I'm Anisha! As one of TaF.tc's Digital Marketers, I strategise creative and analytical ways to connect industry players to TaF.tc's specially designed training programmes. I strive to build strong relationships with a fast-growing base of client by delivering innovative solutions that address their needs.

Outside of work, I explore my creativity by creating game concepts, and designing graphic work from time to time. I'm also a huge film/series buff, and you'll often find me wrapped up like a xlb in my blankets absorbed in another hair-raising adventure with a hot mug of milo by my side.

Isabel Perucho

Hi, I'm Isabel! I am a Senior Marketing Executive at TaF.tc. I graduated from Yale-NUS College in 2018 where I completed my Bachelors thesis on independent Filipino film. I love good design and have helped with freelance creative projects throughout my college years.

Now, I'm in the team that helps spread the word about TaF.tc's courses and industry opportunities through our website interfaces, content, and social media channels. I also oversee the TENCEL™ Art of Shoes Design Competition. I'm consistently on the lookout for ways to learn more about design, content creation, and UX/UI.

May Thwe Min

Hello! I am May, a Digital Marketing Executive at TaF.tc. I love learning about human behavior and graduated from Yale-NUS College as a Psychology major. Currently, I am helping the TaF.tc marketing team (mostly on the visual front), with graphic design and blog content creation, to extend TaF.tc's reach. I am always on the lookout to learn new things in relation to design and psychology; recently, I have been obsessed with web development and using code to create beautiful user interfaces! In my free time, I enjoy many artsy-fartsy things: singing, dancing, drawing - you name it!

Brandon Lim

Brandon works in the Marketing department at TaF.tc and is part of the new growth marketing division. He is always curious to find new and creative ways to grow TaF.tc’s customer base through different innovative methods, be it online or offline. Other than marketing, Brandon also helps in running TaF.tc’s alumni e-commerce portal, THE LABEL SG. Brandon also enjoys learning more in depth about digital marketing in his free time and is a huge football fan too!

Xavier Yong

Hello, I am Xavier, a Junior Digital Marketing Executive at TaF.tc. Coming from a design background, I get intrigued by very unique designs and love to share my two cents with people around me. I am currently part of the work study programme, where I will undertake an advanced diploma in Branding. Through the course, I hope to learn many new skills and demonstrate my ability to sketch the company’s voice. In addition, in my free time, I love to go on food hunts to uncover hidden gems all around Singapore. If you have a recommendation, don't hesitate to hit me up!

Ryan Soh

Hi! I’m Ryan, currently working as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive with TaF.tc. Coming from a background in design, I love making anything that’s boring into something lively and exciting to look at. Over the years, I was slowly drawn to how design and marketing can play a big part in our daily lives. I’m also an avid consumer of Ya Kun’s Teh Ping Gah Dai. In my free time I like to consume korean culture and interpret what I see into cool designs.

Shanna Kaur

Hello! I am Shanna, a freelance copywriter for TaF.tc. I'm currently a second year student at Yale-NUS College, majoring in Global Affairs, and I interned with TaF.tc as a Business Development Representative during my freshman summer. Currently, I am helping the TaF.tc marketing team create meaningful content for the company blog to better engage with our audience. I'm a huge people person, so I love working towards engaging with all kinds of people. Recently, I've also been interested in user-centric design, and have had the opportunity to work on UI/UX projects during college. I'm a kopi bing siew dai enthusiast, and love playing ultimate frisbee or eating good food with friends!

Tristan Low

Tristan works in the marketing department and has a background in fashion. Overtime, he has developed an interest in technology and hopes to push the boundaries of fashion in the near future. By using his knowledge in fashion and digital marketing, he wants to continuously understand both the ever-competitive industry and see a breakthrough in them! He is also an avid fan of designer toys and has an array collection of them sitting at home.

Au Wai Ling

Before joining OOm, Wai Ling was a Junior Copywriter specialised in writing social media copy and content ideation. She is known by many as an unconventional thinker, a creative problem solver with a hunger to experiment, ideate and explore. Major clients whom she has worked with include Maybank Singapore, Vantage Automotive Limited, Resorts World Sentosa, Kele, and Swee Seng Motors Pte Ltd.

Thasnova Rahman Thamim

Before joining OOm, Thamim worked at Alvigor as a Content Writing Specialist. She loves writing and has experience handling social media pages as well as writing blog posts. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading and watching films, particularly if its of the science fiction, fantasy, and historical genres. Some of the clients whom she has worked with include ID21, 365 Cancer Prevention Society, Rentokil, and Her Velvet Vase.

Alexandre Bonnehon

Alexandre Bonnehon works as a business development intern at TaF.tc, in an internship to graduate from the Institute of Political Sciences of Toulouse.  He is responsible for writing blog posts, and helping graduates with marketing, and also helps with the e-commerce portal THE LABEL SG. For him, working at TaF.tc is also a learning experience, and he is trying to acquire as many new skills as possible. Outside of work, he is also an avid writer and a player of games of any kind and tries to spend his leisure time creating stories to tell people.

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