Men can make Ladies' Pumps too!

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August 9, 2022
It may seem unconventional for me, a 23-year old male who has just gotten out of National Service, to take on a course on making Ladies' Pumps. But I can assure you that it became one of my favourite courses at, and here’s why… 

When I first started to market the footwear courses at a few years ago, I decided to join the Shoe Making: Ladies’ Pumps course to learn more about the process of shoe-making.

It was my very first ever fashion course. 

As I was from an IT and business education background, fashion was always very unfamiliar to me, not excluding shoemaking.

Luckily for me, our trainer Phoebe (who has almost 2 decades of experience in the footwear industry) patiently guided us through interactive lessons and made everything easy to learn.

Phoebe owns her own craft studio, Barangshop - D'Crafts Studio

The First Day

Theory and Sketching.

The lesson was held at’s fully-equipped Footwear Lab in Thye Hong Centre (Redhill). 

Our Footwear classroom

I learnt about the anatomy of a shoe from the heel to the upper and found out more about the types of leather I would be using to make my Ladies’ Pumps. We also had an introduction on operating the sewing machines and sewing on the leathers (totally different from sewing fabrics if I may add!)

Patterns for shoes!

The best part is that it’s not a full day of sitting down and just learning about theory. On the first day, we already got to trace out pattern templates on the leather of our choice (I chose the brown goat leather!), according to the measurements of our shoes! At that moment, it was still hard for me to visualise how a few leather pieces can turn into an actual pair of ladies’ court shoes…

The Second Day

The Shape is Forming! 

We started to work on the shoe itself, starting with the joining and sewing of the different pieces of leather together. Just those steps alone took almost a whole day, as there were many factors to consider when we were sewing, to ensure that our shoe turns out in the correct form.

The Third Day

The Most Physically Intensive Day.

We had to work on the nailing of the insole to the last, which was no easy feat. I had to use all that NS-boy strength to hammer the shoe and its various parts. It’s a good thing we had GrabFood! We all needed some snacks to replenish ourselves after all that physical work... 

The Final Day

The Moment of Truth.

We removed the last, used the industrial equipment available to do some final touch-ups, and by the afternoon, the shoes were ready to be worn!  What a great sense of accomplishment it was for me to say that I managed to make my very first pair of shoes! Who would have thought that a class of diverse students, consisting of a social media influencer, homemakers, and a business student, would be able to create such gorgeous leather court shoes in just 4 days!

Me with the Ladies' Pumps I made!

Just from the 4 days alone, I’ve learnt a very unique skill in shoe-making that is not taught anywhere else in Singapore. I even got to make friends with people who have the same interest as me (who I still keep in touch with even today!). The whole experience was a blast and made it my favourite course that I’ve taken at so far!

If you’re looking for some well-guided shoemaking courses, has a variety to choose from, from ladies’ sandals, and men’s derbies, to athletic shoes. If you're interested in something more comprehensive to start your very own shoe brand or master the craft of shoemaking, the Diploma in Footwear Design might interest you!

With state-of-the-art equipment, veteran trainers, and supportive classmates and staff, I am confident that you will be able to make your very own pair of shoes with ease too! 

Do WhatsApp is or drop us a call at 6011 8066to find out more!  

Interested in creating your very own pair of ladies' pumps? Click here!

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