Digital Marketing In The Post-COVID Fashion Industry

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April 8, 2021
The rise of live streaming on social media
The Rise Of Live Streaming On Social Media

There is no denying that the Fashion Industry, ranging from global retailers to exclusive, luxury brands play a significant part in the economy.

Globally, the Fashion Industry’s value is projected to be at 3 trillion and is ranked the second biggest worldwide economic activity for the intensity of trade. As one of the most challenging and volatile fields, not only is Fashion highly dependent on distinct trends and industrial forces, it is also easily impacted by the uncertainty of global events. Due to these factors, many brands have started enrolling or sending their staff for Digital Marketing short courses, and come up with a series of implementations to improve their supply chain processes, ultimately increasing brand awareness.  

All About Fashion Digital Marketing

Together with advancements in technology, the growth of the Internet has presented many brands with the unique opportunity to enter the multimillion market of e-commerce. One of the main challenges that many brands in the Fashion Industry face are the replication of consumer experience in brick-and-mortar stores on online marketplaces.

Brands have been making use of Digital Marketing methods like social media as a means of overcoming these challenges. With the increase in digital marketplaces and e-commerce stores, Fashion brands can now enter new markets with ease.  

Through Digital Marketing courses, be it short and online ones, students are often taught that the internet era gives Fashion brands a chance to communicate with their consumers. Interactions on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, have proven to be helpful for brands in developing a unique relationship with their customers. Students also learn that as more of the online community get involved in the brand’s unique marketing message, their loyalty and awareness increases along with it. Hence, to better engage and interact with target consumers, brands have to come up with a suitable digital marketing strategy.

Fashion's Latest Trend - Going Digital
Fashion's Latest Trend - Going Digital

Fashion Digital Marketing In A Post COVID World

The global pandemic has affected the world in more ways than one, but how has this affected Fashion marketing?

Because of the volatility of the Fashion Industry, it is of no surprise to the impact COVID-19 has on it. In Singapore, total retail sales were reported to have dropped by 52.1% with the Fashion Industry taking the hardest hit. This could be attributed to retail stores being closed for the short-term during the lockdown, resulting in online stores becoming primary touch-points for customers as well as brands. With the seismic shift to online, digital brand interactions have to work harder than ever.

Unlike before when Digital Marketing was used to drive sales through promotions, it is now adopting a softer approach. Brands are now more lifestyle-based and family-focused. Some high-end luxury brands such as Dior and Gucci understood their consumers’ need to have safety and surety, hence they have tailored their online platforms to meet these needs whilst not losing their brand essence. One such example would be Dior consistently pushing out innovative and inspiring ad campaigns even when the other brands have put content creation on pause. In addition to all of these, these online platforms also have to epitomise the spirit of their brand or even better, live up to their offline experiential event. One such example would be Burberry streaming their runway live for their viewers during September 2020’s Fashion Week.

Moving Forward

Both Digital Marketing short courses and Digital Marketing online courses can help businesses understand their customers’ needs and interests better. Being able to promote your brand and products engagingly is as paramount as having a seamless and high-quality online retail experience. Plus, with the ongoing pandemic, Fashion brands also need to tread carefully about how hard they want to push their product and sales.

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