Sustainable Fashion Brands In Singapore To Look Out For

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October 27, 2023
The fashion and apparel design industry is known to be one of the most significant contributors to pollution in the world. They are responsible for 10% of the planet’s carbon emissions each year as brands and fast fashion companies design fashion-forward creations unethically without considering the environmental impact they cause. 

But with sustainability and eco-conscious trends taking the world by storm, this has led to the creation of slow fashion movement, sprouting sustainable clothing brands with eco-friendly business models that help in lowering their environmental footprint as much as they can. As consumers, we should also make conscious decisions to shop with sustainable and ethical brands that will make a difference to the planet. 

Here are some sustainable fashion brands you can shop from in Singapore. 

1. Finix Wear

Finix Wear is a lifestyle athleisure label specifically designed for the modern, mindful mover. Their athletic wear designs are inspired by movement, wellness and living in warm, tropical Singapore. Unlike other athleisure brands, Finix Wear features a genderless style perspective that inspires and empowers people to move, express and live their authentic lives to the fullest. 

With authenticity and freedom being the heart of all their designs, their collection can be easily transitioned from “om” to home, workout to hangout and every day to your next holiday. When it comes to being sustainable, Fenix Wear pushes forward with eco-sustainable fabrics in their production, such as TENCAL and Odell ice cotton. 

They also recently made a switch to biodegradable packaging for their mailers and in the future, hope to work with the fashion industry in Singapore to create a more closed-loop manufacturing process so that customers can recycle their old clothes and make them into new ones. 

2. YOF

YOF is also a locally born athleisure brand designed to inspire everyday women to find joy in their workout routines. With head-turning activewear designs, YOF’s collections are made to fit the criteria of quality, fairness and sustainability. Their aim is to focus not only on the quality but also on the functionality of their products. From studio to street, their fashionable yet eco-friendly activewear can be worn for different occasions! 

Speaking of sustainability, YOF athleisure is made mainly from Eco Circle Fibres or Natural Fibres which reduces approximately 50% of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional garment-making technology. The brand is also determined to keep innovating new ideas on how to improve every aspect of their business so that they can continue to create and manufacture without harming the environment. 

3. OliveAnkara

OliveAnkara is a brand that is deeply rooted in African culture and fashion, known for their bold prints, wild patterns and vibrant colours. As the meeting point for African fabric and modern fashion design, this brand was born from a void that desperately needed to be filled - the lack of African fashion and culture in Singapore. 

With a desire to create a collection of African-inspired clothing that can be worn by women of all races, the concept of OliveAnkara was born. The brand also gears towards sustainability by trying their best to be as close as possible to the concept of zero waste. As they produce clothes in limited quantities, they ensure every spare fabric is upcycled and used to make other items. 

We hope these three local brands in Singapore will inspire you to live eco-consciously as you make a difference to the world for future generations. If you are a budding fashion designer who would like to know how to create a sustainable fashion design brand, you’ve come to the right place. At, our fashion designer course covers sustainability topics that would be beneficial in your career. Do check out our other fashion courses online or contact us today to know more

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