Where To Find Affordable Sewing Needs During Covid-19

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June 23, 2020
With the closure of many fabric and haberdashery stores during the COVID-19 season, it can get difficult to find and obtain your regular sewing needs. In hopes of helping everyone, I have compiled a list of reliable stores for you to shop online during the COVID-19 season.

This list can be valuable resource to students who are taking our sewing or apparel design courses. If you are a TaF.tc student, keep reading to know which stores you can get discounts at! 

1) Ban Soon - Your One-Stop Shop For Sewing Machines

This is the go-to place to shop for sewing machines as you are likely to find one that perfectly suits your needs! They offer a wide range of brands and types of sewing machines, including home sewing machines, embroidery machines, and quilting machines, just to name a few. Ban Soon has served Singapore's sewing market for over 40 years, and is knowledgeable and resourceful in their services. Furthermore, they provide every service you can possibly think of when it comes to the sewing machine! From rental services to repair services and sewing machine training, this is the best one-stop shop that makes shopping for a sewing machine so convenient!

picture of sewing machines 1
Home Sewing Machines
picture of overlock machines
Industrial Overlock Machines
picture of embroidery machines
Embroidery Machines

If you are a TaF.tc student, here are some good news for you! You get a 10% discount when you order with Ban Soon. During our home-based learning season, we will also arrange the delivery for you when you order with us, so that it is hassle-free for you!

2) THE LABEL SG- Quality Fabrics from Homegrown Designers

THE LABEL SG is TaF.tc's latest endeavour, to provide a platform for fashion designers to connect with other like-minded fashion entrepreneurs. Not only can you find and sell homegrown collections here, you can also find fabrics and textiles put up by iconic designers! If you are looking for quality textiles at an affordable price for your next sewing project, this is the place to patronise! Furthermore, if you are a TaF.tc student, the fabrics have been sorted according to bundles that you can purchase for your respective courses. Isn't that so convenient! 

We will be sharing more information on The Label in an upcoming blogpost, so do look out for it! We hope that this can be an exciting platform and community for all fashion designers! 

Here are some examples of the fabrics available on THE LABEL SG: 

pictures of the label sg fabrics 1
pictures of the label fabrics 2

3) Sing Mui Heng - All the Fabric and Haberdashery Products You Can Think Of

Located in Chinatown, this store is a popular favourite amongst many seamstresses for its affordability and variety. Sing Mui Heng has been in the business for over 40 years, with the commitment to supply Singapore with good quality haberdashery products from around the world. During the COVID-19 season, you can shop at their online store, which offers free delivery to your doorstep for orders with a value of $80 or more. Do look out for their frequent sale items to get your fabrics and sewing needs at an even cheaper price! 

If you are a TaF.tc student, you are in good luck as Sing Mui Heng offers a 10% discount to our students! Just like Ban Soon, we will arrange the delivery of products for you when you order with us, during TaF.tc's home-based learning season.

Here are some examples of what you might find in Sing Mui Heng:

picture of fabrics smh
picture of threads smh
Different Types of Thread
picture of sewing machines smh
Sewing Machines
categories in smh
And every other thing you can possible think of!

4) Lye Nai Shiong - Easy Online Shopping for Sewing Needs

Also located in Chinatown, Lye Nai Shong is a family run haberdashery business that has been established for more than 30 years. It offers a wide range of sewing needs for sewing enthusiasts of all levels: from beginners to experts! With the presence of their online store, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, away from the usual crowds that usually patronise their store. Also, as COVID-19 circumstances are getting better, they are now providing a store collection option, which can save you some delivery costs.

Here are some categories of items that Lye Nai Shiong offers: 

categories in lye nai shiong
categories of lye nai shiong 2
Check out their page to see the rest! 

5) Spotlight - Popular and Easily Accessible Store

This is a store you are probably familiar with -- it is hard to miss their sizable stores in shopping malls, Plaza Singapura and Westgate. Spotlight is a family owned and operated Australian business with stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Their presence is huge, no doubt, and it is easy to find a range of products that you need by just stepping into one of their stores. However, their sewing fabrics, equipment and haberdashery products can be considered to be on the pricier end. Don't let this stop you though, as their international presence and accessibility speak for themselves! Don't forget to check out their sale items, you might get a worthy discount!

Here are some examples of what Spotlight offers: 

picture of fabrics spotlight
picture of buttons
picture of sewing needs
Buttons and Other Sewing Needs
picture of sewing machines spotlight
... And even sewing machines!

In Conclusion...

I hope this list has been handy in helping you find some affordable places to shop for your sewing needs during the COVID-19 season. Even though Phase 2 is finally here, be sure to avoid crowds and sanitise your hands regularly. Stay healthy and safe until the next time we meet! 

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