6 Pre-Launch Marketing Tips For Fashion Brands

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September 19, 2023
Preparing for a new product line or the new launch of your fashion business in Singapore is an exciting process. Beyond simply picking out your brand name and having your products ready, it also involves taking it to the market and monitoring success. But, no matter how fashion-forward your business concept or line is, it may not receive the attention it deserves if no one knows about it. Amazing features and perfect branding don’t always translate to brand awareness. 

So, before your big launch, here are some pre-launch marketing strategies to help you build the buzz and generate anticipation for your new brand. 

1. Have a solid understanding of your target audience

When considering your brand or your fashion line, you would have definitely thought about who it would cater to and how your designs can bridge the market gap for this specific target audience. But before your launch, don’t forget to think about their overall preferences beyond just their fashion style! Some questions that might help include:

When you know the behaviour of your target audience better, you will be able to direct your fashion marketing launch to cater to those specific needs and better your chances of creating a huge following, even in the initial stages. 

2. Get in touch with relevant influencers

Adding influencers to your pre-launch fashion marketing strategy is a great way to increase awareness and create hype and excitement. Social media platforms are powerful marketing tools and endorsements of any new products on said platforms can go a long way. 

Compared to brand messages and notifications, people usually trust people better and chances are you’re already familiar with a number of influencers who resonate with your brand identity. When choosing your influencers, select those who will most likely be able to address your specific market needs. Although it can be tempting to connect with influencers who have a large following, time and resources may be wasted, especially if these followers are not your target market. 

3. Build brand awareness before your launch

Brand awareness is an important aspect of your pre-marketing strategy that will lead to your brand’s success. In order to build relationships and trust with your audience, you need to let them know who you are and what your fashion business in Singapore is. Waiting till the launch to raise awareness may result in delayed following and slowed returns on your awareness efforts. 

One perfect example of this would be the Savage X Fenty by Rihanna campaign. In January 2022, Rihanna's lingerie brand Savage X Fenty announced an upcoming collaboration with the singer and actress Normani. To build anticipation for the collaboration, the brand released a teaser video on social media featuring Normani dancing in Savage X Fenty lingerie. The video generated a lot of buzz among fans of both Normani and Savage X Fenty, helping to build excitement for the upcoming launch.

Leverage your social media platforms and start creating ads. Have your influencers promote your brand even before your launch. You can even do a pre-launch countdown that will surely generate the razzmatazz you need to boost your brand. When more people start interacting with your brand before your launch, the more likely they are to engage in your products and services. 

4. Take pre-orders

Before launching your fashion line, consider taking pre-orders from customers who want to be the first in line to test your products. If you are offering something unique and revolutionary, you would be creating a huge cult following. And, along with pre-orders, customers become your own personal walking advertisement for your fashion business in Singapore. 

5. Keep adapting your marketing to the needs of your audience

Your pre-launch fashion marketing period is the perfect time to test your ads and marketing efforts but also to speak directly to your audience and understand their impression of your brand. By getting closer to your audience, you can gain a better understanding of their preferences, needs, and expectations, and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. This period allows you to generate a better idea of how your audience will respond or react to a specific advertisement, material or even pattern, and make adjustments to ensure that your messaging and branding are aligned with your target market.

By taking the time to listen to your audience, you can ensure that your brand is poised for success once you launch, with marketing efforts that are both effective and engaging. So don't underestimate the power of pre-launch marketing, it's a crucial period to build a strong foundation for your brand's success.

6. Learn digital marketing skills

In our age of digitalisation where customers are always scrolling through social media on their phones, it is best to learn how to market your brand online and integrate your online and offline presence seamlessly. Setting up an e-commerce store is not enough to build your online presence. You would also require different digital marketing skills like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and even E-Fashion Business to convert your physical audience to an online one. 

Pre-launch marketing is the best way to hit the ground running when you launch your brand or your fashion line. With these pre-marketing strategies, you can say goodbye to worrying about an empty store or having zero orders on the first day of your launch. If you would like to know more about learning Digital Marketing for the success of your brand, do contact TaF.tc to know more about our fashion marketing courses and modules.  

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