How to Use Social Media to Enhance Brand Presence

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September 16, 2022
Social media has become a trendsetter for society in today's digital world, as people spend more time online. Consumers' major source of information has shifted to social media platforms, which have become one of the most effective marketing tools for fashion brands.

People have better access to the newest fashion trends thanks to fashion brands that have taken the effort to curate strong social media marketing techniques, keeping consumers up-to-date instantly. Read on to learn more about how social media trends has greatly influenced the fashion world:

1. Use Branded Hashtags

The use of hashtags in social media platforms allow audiences to virtually search whatever trend they want just with the click of a button. This is also one of the ways to brand your owned content while encouraging your audience to create buzz on their posts. Hashtags also serve as content storage; using a branded hashtag lets you see all of the content posted within that hashtag. This is a good way to accumulate user-generated content, which you can also reuse on your own social media platforms to honour your audiences and convey authenticity. 

For instance, Singaporean fashion brands like Beyond The Vines use the hashtag #beyondthevines on all of their posts on Instagram. They made it a point to use specific hashtags for each of their campaigns. For example, during the launch of their latest dumpling bag, they reached out to social media influencers to promote the bag. This was done by encouraging the social media influencers they partnered with to also use the same hashtag, gathering related content about the bag in one place.

Another example of fashion brands utilising the hashtags is when running giveaways, where they give their followers the opportunity to win a freebie simply by posting dedicated photos using their branded hashtags.

2. Encourage Your Consumers To Contribute

Thanks to social media, consumers are also able to contribute to your brand’s content. This results in new ideas and trends getting circulated much faster. Users of Instagram are able to film and upload footage in real time, allowing viewers to be at the forefront of the highest levels of fashion. This changes the fashion game as everyone now has access to major fashion events and fashion weeks all over the world.

Take picture of outfit for social media marketing

Whether your brand is on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, it is important to post content regularly. Audiences can easily lose interest in a brand when the brand is inconsistent in posting content. When this happens, potential customers tend to be more drawn towards competitor fashion brands that are ahead of their social media marketing game. By creating a regular posting schedule, you’ll be able to stay competitive and continuously engage with your audiences. To learn more about how you can get a high-level overview of your social media strategy, you can look into signing up for social media marketing courses.

3. Pay Attention to Customer Service

Social media has closed the gap between customers and fashion brands. These days, it is important that brands take advantage of this digital closeness by engaging with their audiences whenever possible. This can be done by providing a responsive social customer experience. Some of the things you can do include liking their posts, responding to comments even when they don’t require an answer, or even reposting their images.

 Social Customer Service Fashion Industry

Doing this makes your audience feel special and more connected to your brand, promoting brand loyalty which in turn, increases the likelihood of them purchasing your products.

4. Give Plenty of Fashion Tips

Fashionable Models in Fashion Industry

There has been an ongoing discussion amongst people all over the Internet about teenagers these days looking much less awkward than they used to. This might be because teenagers of today are given more access to fashion tips on social media as compared to back in the days, where youth of the early 2000s would anxiously wait for their fashion magazines to arrive in the mail.

Today, social media is brimming with tips and tricks on the latest fashion trends and educating people on how to stay fashionable in an affordable way through fashion influencers who show their followers how to mix and match clothings and trends.

An example of a good social media marketing strategy would be a social media fashion challenge initiated by three editors from the United States and the United Kingdom. They encouraged their audience to share their best home office look with the hashtag #WFHFits, in light of the pandemic situation where most of them were working from home. This became a huge source of inspiration for everyone’s daily quarantine look, and all the audiences had to do for a chance to get featured on the page was send a message to WFHFits’ profile.

5. Emphasise Diversity 

With the influence of social media, the fashion industry has become more diverse than ever before. Under-represented people in traditional forms of fashion media now have the chance to take action. More specifically, people of colour and plus-size women, in particular, who previously struggled to find trends that fit them in mainstream fashion magazines, are now able to connect with others through social media.

Diversity in Women Fashion Industry's graduate, Sophia Hung created The Amber Loft when she saw a gap in the market for plus-size clothing tailored to the Asian women’s body structure. The collection features beautiful, functional and flattering clothes for petite, plus-size women. 

Upgrade Yourself

The influence of social media on the fashion industry has brought connectedness, innovation and more diversity to the world of fashion. Thus, incorporating a good social media marketing strategy is important in order to be ahead of the fashion game.

If you’re keen to learn more about how you can remain competitive in this ever-shifting industry, give skills upgrading courses a go. As a Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre, ensures that our social media marketing courses prepare our students for the future of work by guiding them to identify marketing opportunities in social media, support brand alignment to social media platforms, and develop effective strategies for fashion retail.

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