How to Stay Fashion Forward in Singapore’s Hot Rainy Weather

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November 6, 2018
The rainy season is around the corner, and let’s face it: we want to stay warm and dry, but no one wants to be in baggy jackets, looking either like we just got out of bed, or like we are under the weather. 

Here’s how to stay looking chic (and dry from rain and sweat) despite the hot, humid rainy weather:

1) Wear a dress or skirt

Imagine having your pants all drenched around your calves. With a dress or skirt, you can still dry your feet as soon as you get yourself indoors. If the pants really complete the outfit, try rolling them up for a casual yet stylish touch. 

2) Avoid silk

In Singapore’s humid weather, sometimes we still perspire despite the rain. This will show on your silk blouse and it won’t be pretty. Still love your silk blouse and you really want to wear it? Opt for white so that your perspiration will not be obvious.

Woman wearing purple stripe dress holding a blue umbrella

3) Invest in a good pair of rain boots (or if all else fails, there’s always beach slippers)

Keep your feet dry in rain-friendly footwear like your favourite Melissa jelly shoes, rubber footwear (such as Birkenstocks), or be different and make a fashion statement with rain boots. For our hot and humid weather, short rain boots are a better choice (you can get yours from ASOS or Zalora). Some of these come in bright hues and they add a nice pop of colour to your outfit.

Make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent your feet from perspiring too much. Wash your feet (also wash between the toes) daily with an antibacterial soap. Dry them thoroughly, then apply antifungal powder. Wear moisture-wicking socks to let moisture escape from your feet.

4) Keep your nice shoes in a shoe bag and wear it when you are at the office

You would not want to wear your rain boots at work (they are not appropriate for the boardroom). Pack your nice shoes in a lightweight shoe bag, and change into them as soon as you hit the office.

A bright red rain boots standing over a puddle of water

5) Treat your precious handbag with High-Density Transparent Coating (or store your things in an inexpensive foldable tote bag)

Make sure your precious handbag has been treated with a professional high-density transparent coating before you bring it out. You would not want to ruin it when the rain water splashes in under your umbrella. Alternatively, have a cute foldable tote bag (check out Envirosax) ready in your bag to stash your handbag in when the rain hits.

6) Use a Bubble Umbrella

This is a very good option for heavy rain with winds. For the lighter rainy weather, have a lightweight, compact umbrella in your bag as well to keep you dry.

A flat overlay image of a blue bag and umbrella with brown leather boots


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