Professional Short Courses vs Advanced Certificate vs Diploma. What’s the Difference?

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August 30, 2019
Are you a brand owner pursuing a career in Fashion or a novice sewer wanting to gain more exposure in the industry? What exactly is the difference between Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre's ( Professional Short Courses, Advanced Certificate, and Professional Diploma, and which programme is suitable for you? The programmes provided by may seem daunting at first. With this blog post, I want to clarify the differences between each qualification and advise how they are catered to various needs and schedules.

1) Professional Short Courses

Best for those with tight schedules.
(1–7 Days)

At, we understand that time is of the essence, which is why we provide Professional Short Courses for those who want to upgrade themselves within a short period of time. From Social Media Marketing to Making Small Leathergoods, there is an endless variety of courses for you to choose from. For the curious and inquisitive minds, this programme is catered to those who want to learn about a specific skill set in the Fashion industry within a few days.

The Professional Short Courses can be taken in a specific manner to attain an Advanced Certificate or Diploma in Fashion Business or Apparel Design & Product Development.

Here are our popular short courses for your easy reference:

Upon completion of your Professional Short Course, you are awarded a Certificate.

2) Advanced Certificate

Best for those who want a glimpse into the fashion industry while working.

For those keen to set up a small business in Fashion and are currently working full-time, the part-time Advanced Certificate programme is for you. The Advanced Certificate in Fashion Business will enhance the foundation of your technical ability in the Fashion industry. For those who are just starting out, an Advanced Certificate is a good start to gain hands-on experience in the Fashion industry. You will learn how to make your own blouse, shirt, skirt and pants in the apparel design specialisation.

We Offer 3 Advanced Certificate programmes in

Upon completion of your Advanced Certificate, you will receive a Advanced Certificate.

3) Professional Diploma

Best for intensive in-depth learning and to jumpstart a career.
(Full Time and Part-Time)

Aspiring a professional career in the Fashion industry or intending to start your own business? For those who want more comprehensive learning experience, this programme focuses on industry-relevant modules to keep you up to date and informed about the industry.

For example, a Diploma in Apparel Design and Product Development will explore the technical and soft skills needed for you to develop a career in the competitive world of Fashion. By doing so, you are able to thrive under the pressure of this intensive programme designed to meet the standards of developing a career in Fashion.

Want to understand which Fashion Diploma to take? Read ‘‘Ultimate guide on choosing the right Fashion Diploma”

We Offer 3 Diplomas in

Upon completion of your Diploma, you will receive a Diploma.


Which programme is the best for you?

It depends on your needs and schedule! If you’d like to learn a new skill in a few days? Try our Professional Short Course. If you are working full time and would like an in-depth understanding of Fashion, undergo our Advanced Certificate programme. If you have time to spare, our Diploma programme will teach you everything you need to know about the Fashion Industry.

Infographic for difference between Professional Short Course, Advanced Certificate and Professional Diploma in Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (
Tristan Low

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