SEO Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Fashion E-Commerce Site

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October 10, 2023

In the fashion industry, every brand strives to be a trendsetter, distinguishing themselves from the rest. This requires the use of fashion marketing that advertises either through physical or digital means. To achieve success, they must be willing to understand and adapt their marketing strategies according to consumer behaviour. Today, the digital space has grown in prevalence as consumers appreciate the convenience it offers. 

With a competitive market in the fashion industry, creating a strong online presence is of utmost importance. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help build your fashion brand’s reputation and credibility when it comes to e-commerce. By boosting your website’s ranking to the top of the search results page, greater online visibility is achieved, garnering more attention from potential consumers. This in turn, empowers customer trust and loyalty.

But how does one gain the public eye’s attention in the digital space? Here are some SEO tips to increase traffic to your fashion e-commerce site:

1.Build a structured website

To create a good first impression for your fashion business, ensure a user-friendly, intuitive website that is seamless to navigate. Customers should have no issues across all touchpoints of their purchasing journey, from browsing the products to making a purchase. Here are some pointers to optimise your site for a better user experience:

2.Optimise product pages with relevant keywords

While optimising your site, keep in mind the relevant keywords associated with each of your product pages. It is crucial to select the right keywords to ensure that you are attracting your target audience. Practise keyword research to understand consumer behaviour before finalising them. In your list of keywords, try to include some that involve more than four words, also known as long-tail keywords, as they have less competition. 

Specifically, in the fashion industry, these keywords will be dependent on the ever-changing trends. Be sure to keep up and update your keywords when necessary for greater brand relevance and exposure. 

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3.Classify your products under umbrella categories

As mentioned above, choosing the right keywords that link to each of your product pages is crucial. However, you need to be mindful that these keywords should not compete among themselves in the ranking of search results. To prevent such instances, simply divide your products in main categories. 

For example, for ladies, there are many forms of dresses like maxi, mini and bodycon. In your website, do not create a separate page for each of these dresses. Instead, collate them as one category under dresses. 

4.Create backlinks from high-authority fashion websites

The ranking of your website is also dependent on the number of credible sites that link to yours, especially if it is related to the fashion industry. To gain more attention, try approaching fashion bloggers or personalities to promote your website. 

From these four tips, we hope to highlight the importance of SEO and how it is able to drive traffic to your website for a stronger online presence. Ready to upgrade your business? Sign up for our Diploma in Fashion Marketing today!

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