The Bespoke Tailoring Apprenticeship

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April 5, 2022

The exquisite craft of constructing a bespoke garment is one of the most valuable skills a tailor can possess. It is a craft that represents over a century and a half of the most refined tailoring that money can buy. Not only does it enhance the wearer’s confidence and body shape, it creates a one-of-a-kind experience that one will not forget.

bespoke (adj.): custom or custom-made, specially made for a particular person, organisation or purpose (derives from the verb "bespeak", to speak for something) 

And now, you have the opportunity to personally learn the craft as an apprentice, to the second-generation owner of one of the most esteemed bespoke jacket brands, The Cutting Room 1982 (TCR1982). 

Watch The Interview With Alexander From The Cutting Room 1982

About The Cutting Room 1982

The Cutting Room 1982 began in 1982 with one woman’s love for shirt-making - Susan Chong started her own humble workshop after picking up the skills of shirt-making at a garment factory. Her legacy is continued by her son, Alexander, who displayed his vested interest from a young age, and went on to acquire and polish his skills under the tutelage of master tailors from London, Florence and Napoli. 

How Our Collaboration Began

Alexander sees bespoke clothes not merely as a business, but as an art form. With his earnest love for the art form, he keeps an incredibly open mindset with no qualms about sharing all the skills he learnt from his masters. This will come off as a rare opportunity, as tailors often keep their craft as a closely guarded secret.

Alexander’s view on the transference of skills aligns with’s vision to grow the textile and fashion industry. This is how our collaboration began.

 We wanted to present individuals with an opportunity to pursue this craft comfortably. Hence, we decided to work with TCR1982 to co-fund the allowance for one apprentice for 6 months, a privilege in a craft where apprentices often pursued their passions without a wage.

How to Become an Apprentice

As this is a special opportunity to become the apprentice, you have to undergo a selection process (almost like the American reality TV show, The Apprentice!). After all, we need to find an individual who has the right attitude, grit and passion for this 6-month apprenticeship. 

You will have to complete our Men’s Tailor Bundle*, where you learn to create classic shirt, classic pants, half-lined blazer and a fully-lined men’s jacket. This bundle will be taught by our veteran trainer, Melvin Wang.

You will then be graded according to 3 aspects for the finished garments: 

  1. Final Fitting (25%) 
  2. Accuracy of Personal Measurements (25%)
  3. Workmanship and Finishing Techniques (50%) 

The Top 5 will be interviewed by Alexander, and based on the interview, he will select “the one”

That’s not all! For all students undergoing this curated bundle programme, you can enjoy a 20% discount for the group jacket making class at TCR1982. Do take note that the group classes at TCR1982 are highly curated and limited in terms of slots, hence, acceptance will be based on their discretion.

Both and TCR1982 are excited to see the talents that come out of this collaboration, who would go on to grow Singapore’s textile and fashion industry. In time to come, our vision of building Singapore’s reputation as a country with quality craftsmanship and fashion, will be realised! 

*Do note that you need to have taken the Basic Drafting & Sewing Course, as well as the Intermediate Drafting & Sewing Course to be eligible for the Men’s Tailor Bundle.

Do WhatsApp us or drop us a call at 6011 8066, and ask for a programme advisor to find out more!

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