Dare To Be You Series: The Strong Believer Of Kayloo Design

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September 27, 2021
Have you been keeping up with our “Dare To Be You” series? Recently, TaF.tc has launched our latest campaign “Dare To Be You” with banners and videos put up at popular MRT stations. In the past week, we published our first two articles in-line with the campaign where we covered 3 Misconceptions In The Fashion Industry and The Bold Journey Of The Sneaker Artist. We hope these stories will help you unlock and uncover your own fashion journey.

This week we got the chance to speak to Kristin, the founder and designer behind Kayloo Design, as well as TaF.tc graduate from two of our diploma programs.

Before Kayloo Design was founded, Kristin worked in the corporate world for six years handling marketing, corporate communications, and event management at companies including SPRING Singapore, Halogen Foundation, and more. Outside of work, she is a firm believer in empowering women, and is a member and previous Marketing & Communications Executive Committee Director of the Young Women’s Leadership Connection, as well as a young mentor in their Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme.

Passionate about uplifting and empowering women, Kristin founded Kayloo Design with the aim to freely empower through design, storytelling and colours. Her design was reaffirmed when she made it as one of the winners of Singapore Stories 2019. She was also an incubatee in The Bridge Fashion Incubator last year. Read on as we shed light on Kristin’s story.

Image Source: Kristin

1) Which course did you take in TaF.tc and how did it help you in your fashion journey? 

I took two Fashion Technology diplomas in Apparel Design & Product Development, and Marketing & Merchandising (now called Fashion Business). The courses offered under these diploma programmes were extremely helpful in understanding the process of starting up a fashion business and designing a fashion collection. It also gave me a technical foundation in creating different garments, telling fabrics apart, doing digital illustration, and conducting quality control checks.

Image Source: Kristin

2) How would you describe the TaF.tc student experience?

Having taken the full-time diploma and completing about one module a week, I must say it was quite intense! Which is good, because you learn very quickly, and the previous modules stay fresh in your head as you move on from one module to the next. 

It was also very varied and hands-on. One day, we could be burning fabrics to discover their properties, the next day we’d be stationed at our sewing machines trying to stitch a pair of pants together, or even out hunting for the perfect fabric for our own fashion collection. We even got the chance to go to Malaysia to see a fabric and garment factory! (pre-Covid 19)

It is also a nice community. We got to know our classmates more over group discussions and while helping each other troubleshoot our botched garments. I like that everyone has such diverse experiences, age groups, and reasons for joining. It gives you a lot of perspective. The TaF.tc teachers and staff are also extremely supportive, always asking how everything is panning out for you, or taking the time to offer some advice.

3) Why did you choose to study in TaF.tc compared to other fashion schools in Singapore?

I wanted the fastest way to get fundamental fashion knowledge before starting a fashion business, and TaF.tc offered just that with their four-month full-time diploma programme. Classes are also very accessible - I had the opportunity to try out one module first before committing to the full diploma! This allowed me to reaffirm my choice with TaF.tc.

Image Source: Kristin

4) What are your plans moving forward?

I’m looking at a new product and print collection as well as exploring options to have my products at physical locations. I am also keen to start digital drawing classes and produce students’ products with their own personalised works!

Image Source: Kristin

5) What does it mean to you to be the real you?

What a philosophical question! There are always plenty of opinions from people about what they expect you to be doing, and what they deem as successful. I think it is helpful to figure out which of these people’s opinions matter to you - be it a parent, relative, significant other, boss, mentor, child, a critical colleague or friend, or even a bully from the past. Then, think about whether you’d still be doing the same thing and acting the same way if these people had zero opinions. If your answer is yes, then I think that is being the real you!

With that being said, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't act on the constructive feedback they have provided!

Thank you Kristin for the in-depth and inspirational insight into your world! I believe we’ve all managed to pick up a thing or two from today’s sharing. Check out Kayloo Design in the video below and visit them at kayloodesign.com

If you're interested in the Fashion Diploma Programmes Kristin took during her time at TaF.tc, do WhatsApp us or drop us a call at 6011 8066 to find out more!

Image Source: Josephine

As we reach the end of the series, our last interviewee is Josephine! She is someone who dared to master the art of Cheongsam-making and brought it forward into the market with a modern twist. Do keep a lookout for our next article on her.

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