Dare To Be You: 3 Misconceptions In The Fashion Industry

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September 18, 2021

Have you often pondered about getting into Fashion, but never had the courage to take that first step to pursue it? You might’ve been inspired by a Vogue magazine you leafed through a long time ago, or the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows that you regularly watch on television. Or perhaps you were inspired by legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel herself. It doesn't matter what because here at TaF.tc, we want to keep motivating YOU and celebrate your own potential! 

Running a fashion school for years now, we realised that one of many reasons students are afraid of taking the first step is because of certain fallacies they have about the Fashion Industry. That’s why we've launched our latest campaign: “Dare To Be You” to cast aside these misconceptions and to take that first bold step to join us in uncovering the everlasting possibilities of Fashion. Stay tuned till the end for an exciting announcement!

As a start, we’d like to debunk some misconceptions for you about the Fashion Industry in Singapore.

Misconception 1:  You must learn the skill or art of sewing to operate in the Fashion Industry.

It’s true that sewing is an integral part of your Fashion studies. However, it doesn't apply to everyone in the world of fashion.

There are several avenues in the fashion industry you can explore. For instance as a Retail Fashion Merchandiser, you make decisions on what goes into a store, plan buying strategies, understand customer behaviours, their buying habits and fashion trends, and choose designs that will make your customer feel on trend.

If you’d rather be a Production Merchandiser, you will oversee the creation of clothes from beginning to end. You will be in charge of ordering fabric and other materials, and liaising with various suppliers to ensure that the clothes are made in time to reach the hands of your customers as they shop to freshen up their wardrobe with the latest styles.

However, if Fashion Design is your calling, then learning how to sew is necessary. You may not have to be the best sewer because you’ll work alongside sample makers who have years of experience in drafting and sewing. But you do need to know some form of construction so that as you design, you can accurately imagine how the clothes look and how to achieve the effects you want to best portray your design vision.

Misconception 2: Fashion is a purposeless practice

No, it is not. Fashion and style are powerful ways of communication. Not only does your Fashion deeply impact the way you feel, and the way people behave around you, but designers and stylists have the power to influence vast numbers of people. One example would be our very own Miss Singapore 2020.

Source : Vogue

The reigning Miss Singapore, Bernadette Belle Wu Ong, walked the stage of Miss Universe pageant in Florida early in May this year. Designed by Arwin Meriales, and inspired by Singapore’s National Flag, she wore a red bedazzled bodysuit, cuissardes, and a red and white dress. The most powerful element of the look was found on her back -  hand-painted in red and white by artist Paulo Espinosa, revealed the message: “Stop Asian Hate.” This has since sent a strong message to the world on resistance against prejudice and violence against Asians all around the world.

Source : Vogue

Bernadette’s fashion statement shows us just how powerful Fashion is as a form of communication.

Misconception 3: There is no future for those who pursue fashion in Singapore

The fashion industry in Singapore is indeed rather niche. However, that does not mean there is no future. Over the past few years, many new local fashion brands have popped up in the market with exceptional success so far.

Love Bonito is one prime example.

Source : Love Bonito Facebook

Taking the world by storm, Love Bonito makes fresh and stylish apparels for everyday womenswear. Founded by Rachel Lim, the brand started as a simple blogshop, and has now expanded to a multimillion-dollar business with both online and physical stores. The brand also invested in Augmented Reality (AR) and finessing user experience to improve the retail shopping experience of their customers. The brand has since successfully expanded to Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

As TaF.tc celebrates you and your potential, we would like to share the stories of some of our bold students who took the leap and filled the gap in the fashion industry. In the upcoming weeks, we will be posting exclusive interviews on each of them.

First off, we have Jeranne who dared to be bold and venturous. She will share her experience as a sneakers custom artist, and how she explores multiple aspects of design.

Secondly, we have Kristin who dared to believe when she made a career switch and started up her own fashion label.

Last but not least, we have Josephine who dared to master where she honed the arts of Cheongsam-making and brought it forward with a modern twist.

We hope through these stories, it will inspire you to take the leap of faith to pursue Fashion.

Do WhatsApp our friendly customer service team or drop us a call at 6011 8066, and ask for our programme advisors to find out more about our courses!

Dare To Be You Today!

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