Dare To Be You Series: The Bold Journey Of The Sneaker Artist

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September 22, 2021
In-line with our latest campaign: “Dare To Be You”, we continue to explore and uncover the everlasting possibilities of Fashion. Kicking off the Dare To Be You series, we got a chance to speak to Jeranne who shed some light on her journey at TaF.tc.

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Image Source: Jeranne

Bold and venturous, Jeranne kick-started her own streetwear apparel and sneakers brand, Absence in 2018. Shortly after, she ventured into many aspects of design, including graphic, web, fashion. Now in 2021, she is back to ameliorate her brand after graduating from Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development in TaF.tc.

Hear about Jeranne’s experience from the artist herself:

Jeranne is one of many graduates from TaF.tc who overcame boundaries and pursued her dreams and goals. On that note, do keep a look-out for two more interviews in our Dare To Be You series.

Coming on next, we have Kristin who dared to believe in herself when she made a career switch and started up her own fashion label.

Image Source: Kristin

Our third interviewee is Josephine who dared to master the art of Cheongsam-making and brought it forward into the market with a modern twist.

Image Source: Josephine

We hope through these stories, you too will take the leap of faith to pursue Fashion. Do WhatsApp our friendly customer service team at +65 8875 6778 (https://wa.me/6588756778) if you're interested in the Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development just like Jeranne or any of our other courses. We look forward to seeing you in our Tafties family!

Xavier Yong

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