TaF.tc Industry Partners - Dialogues and a Glimpse into the future of Fashion

Published/Updated on:
April 7, 2019
 Topic: Fashion Sustainability
 Presentation on 22rd of March 2019 


Former United Nations International Trade Specialist (ITC)

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Topic:  TaF.tc's Open House: Understanding Apparel Diploma with Thomas Tan
Presentation on 3rd of March 2019

Thomas Tan, Senior Design Consultant & Trainer at TaF.tc


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Topic: A look-back at Global Packaging and Fashion Label Business
Dialogue on 22rd February 2019

Matt-Matsuo, former President & COO of RPAC Int'l

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Matthew Ong

Matthew Ong is the Chief Revenue Officer at TaF.tc. He is responsible for all activities that generate revenue. As a CRO, he coordinates with marketing, sales and the customer success team to ensure that our prospects and students gain the most value and outcomes out of their time at TaF.tc. He is a proud leader of 4 great sales reps; Gabriel William, Wilson Yen, Zhang Meng Qian, Vanessa Seah, and is obsessed with people and self-development. During his free time, he enjoys going for runs and solving problems on a rock wall.

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