Is the Apparel Design Diploma Really for Me?

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June 10, 2022
Hey there, soon-to-be-designer / brand owner / fashion executive. If you’re here, it’s not by chance.

You probably scrolled through our website. Perhaps seen an ad or two. Hemmed and hawed if a fashion diploma is for you. Then talked to one of our programme advisors, who shared this link with you.

You’re welcome, because if you’re wondering:

then read on to find out you’re indeed the warp to our weft (yes, friends will be impressed by your use of fabric jargon).

Wait, what’s apparel design actually about? 

Apparel design = sketching silhouettes on hourglass figures, right?

On the contrary, it’s much more than that - from textile selection, ensuring quality through statistical sampling, rendering tech packs, to conducting market research to determine this season’s bestseller - behind the runway lies multiple disciplines that as a student of apparel design, and later a talent in the industry, you must intimately know.

If that sounds all too technical, well, it is.

And if you’re now thinking, is apparel design reeeally for me?, that’s normal too.

What’s atypical, is a diploma that offers just that: nurturing a student (with the right drive), even without prior experience, into a well-rounded fashion talent, ready to take on whatever the industry throws at him/her. 

The diploma in a nutshell

15 courses, spanning 4 months (full-time) or 12 months (part-time), the diploma covers 5 categories that’ll stretch you further than the stretchiest yoga pants can.

Refer to the course page here.

Sounds good, so who’s the diploma for?

1. Students

Just graduated from secondary/Nitec/Poly/JC education and somehow always seem to outdress your peers - whether with that extra stud or inch-perfect skirt/pants (even though you’re not supposed to alter them)? Or wished you could add a pleat or two to enhance a uniform’s fit?

I have news if you’re nodding… that’s your inner designer screaming to unleash its brilliance.

I know, I know… pursuing fashion doesn’t have the same cachet as traditional engineering/medicine/business routes. Expect your loved ones and relatives to raise eyebrows. 

To that I say: those who choose fashion are inherently more passionate about their craft, having made a conscious decision to go against the grain. And it’s this passion that eventually drives their success. The evidence is in our graduates - check out how they’re making waves in the industry.

2. Mid-Careers Switchers

Securing promotions year after year but still feel emptier than toilet paper shelves during a pandemic? Sounds like a classic case of success on paper.

Perhaps it’s your soul searching for more uplifting pursuits. Pursuits that were developed in your formative years, but weren’t materialised for one reason or another. If that pursuit is fashion, you’re in luck. 

No doubt a career switch will test your physical, mental, and financial resolve. But know that many others from different walks of life (even retirees!) have thrived in our diploma - a common thread among them believing that it’s never too late to learn.

3. Entrepreneurs

What started out as learning how to sew on Youtube, led to a rabbit hole of sewing courses, and you becoming the go-to seamstress for your family and friends. 

The journey so far has instilled you with the desire to create a label of your own - perhaps plus-size, petite, or plain with a twist - all you need now is a programme to impart you with up-to-date industry skills in the quickest time possible. 

The diploma doesn’t end there - we’re happy to provide support to bring your label to life, whether it’s connecting you with mentors who live and breathe their expertise or an industry network crossing international borders. After all, much of success in fashion is who you know, and you’d be glad to know as a starting point for your ventures.

Who’s it NOT for?

As value-packed as the diploma is, it’s simply not for those who have a passing interest in fashion design. Let’s not sugarcoat things here, if you’re just attracted to the glamour of the fashion industry, without intending to fully commit to the programme, you’d have a hard time here.

But if you’re a fashion geek wanting to find a course to spend your SkillsFuture Credits or get a taste of the industry without planning to join it, consider our Advance Certificate in Apparel Design (a scaled-down version of the diploma) instead, or even our short courses to upskill yourself in specific subject matters. Learn more about the differences between our Diploma, Advanced Certificate, and Short Courses here.

If after those courses, you’re certain of making a mark in the industry, we welcome you to the diploma with open arms.

What’s next after the diploma?

If you got this far - congratulations! A pat on your back is in order. 

Armed with a portfolio of garments both physical and digital, and practical knowledge passed on from our trainers to you, you’re now ready for the next chapter in your fashion journey. You can: 

Fashion moves fast - are you ready for the ride?

If seams and stitches are your stairway to heaven…

If you want to be involved from fibre to finished product…

If you want to be the next generation taught by industry veterans…

Then stop dreaming, and take the first step to make this a reality - secure your slot today.

Still have questions?‍

Do WhatsApp us or drop us a call at 6011 8066, and ask for our programme advisor to have all your questions answered!

Dominic Tan

Hi there, Dominic here at your service! What started as a search for shirts became an obsession with tailoring, and here I am now in helping students make the best decision to springboard their career into the fashion industry.

When fashion is not on my mind, travelling takes over - you can often find me busy planning for trips months in advance (weird how I find planning for trips more enjoyable than the trip itself...).

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